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It's sunny out.

I got homt at 5 yesterday and took the Benadryl I'd been needing since 8 AM.
77% on the lab exam. 72% on the lecture. Not good, but passable. Tonight I think I'll look up articles and write my autopsy report, shoot for a high score on that to complement my very good attendance (Iwona: You skipped a class? No, you didn't. You're hard-core...). Those two combined are 10% of my grade; basically another exam. A 90% there would cancel uot my 60 from earlier and allow me to go into the final with better-than-before chances of passing.
I went to bed last night at 5:30, woke up when Angel brought me down for lasagna and homemade appple pie, then passed on RP (I'm so sorry, Phloxin) to sleep until 8:30 this morning.
I'm starting to feel better.

Youth are coming at 1. Things to Do.

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