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I want my life back.

Jefe wrote something beautiful for my Lily. I didn't even remember it was her birthday. And I can't read it without crying.
My tears have made a tiny speckled pattern on the inside of my glasses.
I shouldn't feel sorry for myself, I know. My Angel is as good as it gets, anyone who knows him would agree. Better even than Jefe, obviously, or I wouldn't be writing this.

And I don't want much, just the two years of my life where I've neglected my friends and abused my soulmate in the name of becoming something better...I want them back.
I don't want to be a doctor any more. Not when it's this bad. I've never wanted anything bad enough to put up with this. I just...

And I'm wasting time in self-pity, time I desperately need to spend studying. Because I can't afford to quit...

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