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Random gaming quotes: Vampire

GM: So you were taking your sister aside and teaching her about being a vampire...
Matt: Teaching her? I'm tying her to the roof.

Jeff: I need sustenance. Come, polish my helmet - chomp.

Matt: Two Agg for a dead end?

Me: What? Somebody put up a holy water fog machine?

Jeff: If you lick the wound, he won't bleed to death.
Lily: Yes, but then I'd have to get my dress all bloody.

Me: So do you spit or swallow when you diablerize?

....And one extra.
[Public] Frellin' Comcast...did they eat the Internet?
[Public] Mortis can get sites....
[Public] Chavaleh ate it, "Sorry.. it smelled really good."
For some reason, I just laughed my ass off at that one.

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