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So much easier to do this on Taika...

He pages: what do you mean, exams went ill?
I mean, O Best Beloved, that my grades in endocrinology and dermatology were a less-than-thrilling 68 and 78, respectively. l think we had rheumatology, too, which was a 69. And the really horrid thing is the total lack of interest I had in my actual scores.
I'm back in school, back to wondering if I'm learning anything from Cza ja's lectures, back to the Russian Roulette of Medicine professors, back to panic and resignation, to being nothing more than mediocre.
Maybe next year I'll shine, O Best Beloved. Maybe next year I'll shake off the looming suspicion that I should have just gone into something simple. I'm so discouraged. I want this grind to be over, over, over.
Today: path lab in the afternoon. I hate path lab. Today, though, it's Drs Wagner and McBride - so it may be short as heck. I hope so. I don't need to be dragged any further down.
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