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About being a Wiz...

A preface to the following conversation:
I am a Wizard on GargoyleMOO, which is where the following conversation took place. It's modelled after the Gargoyles TV show from Toon Disney - loads of fun - and our policy, as I explain several times in the following conversation, is that we build landmarks in NYC by request - if people think that a particular landmark would be fun to have for RP purposes, we check the maps and fit it in wherever it ought to go. This sacrifices a bit of realism for the larger fun of not having to wander all over a maze of a map to find where anyone is.
At the risk of sounding self-centred, I am the Wizard that the others go to for diplomatic solutions to problem players. I have a reputation for patience, self-control, and a deft touch. I pride myself on trying to be fair and patient, in listening to requests and considering them seriously - too seriously, in the minds of some people who also Wizard.
Bear this in mind.

>>> Player_A tells you "= do you know whom to talk to about NYC landmarks on this MUCK?"
>>> You tell Player_A, "Start by talking to me."
>>> Player_A tells you "would you like any help in the location os some--I have 57 sights marked on my NYC map"
>>> Player_A tells you "= of some"
>>> You tell Player_A, "Basically - we build things as they're requested for RP reasons. We're not looking to create a complete map of New York - it'd be wasteful of database space."
>>> Player_A tells you "= so you know where in NYC the 23rd is? ANd the Manhattan Mall, The WTC? St. Damien's? The Cloisters--"
>>> You tell Player_A, "They're on the maps I have."
>>> You tell Player_A, "In any case, it's Ground Zero - not the WTC, but that's a semantic thing."
>>> You tell Player_A, "The offer of help is appreciated, though."
>>> Player_A tells you "= what about: The Garden, Pen Station, Bellvue, UNHQ, Chrystler BLDG, Grand Central, NY Lib-Main, Embire State, Wash Arch, Gugenheim, Woolworth Bldg, Fed Resrv, Stock Exch/Wall St, Titanic Mem Lighthouse, Chinatown/Little Italy, City Hall, Brooklyn BRDG, Grand ARmy Plaza, Riker's Is, Woodlawn Cem, Bronx Zoo, Ft. Lee, Cen Park Zoo, Trump Tower (or is that the Eyrie ;) ), Rockefeller Center, MoMA, NBC, Park Ave, Queensboro BRDG, MetLife Bldg, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens?"
>>> Player_A tells you "= well? any of those needed here?"
>>> Player_A tells you "= well? any of those needed here?">>> You tell Player_A, "We have a set of botanical gardens already; you'd have to check with Arazia to see which. Other than that, I have heard only one request for a new area for RP, and that was Cardinal Hayes HS, which was built. So at the moment, no."
>>> Player_A tells you "= well, if you need the geo-locations (cross streets) let me know."
>>> You tell Player_A, "I will."
>>> Player_A tells you "= and you did palce Card Hays at 650 Grand Concouse Bronx, New York 10451, right?"
>>> Player_A tells you "= corss street is E 151st & it's enct to Franz Sigel Park"
>>> Player_A tells you "= next to Franz*"
>>> Player_A tells you "= it's a couple blocks from Yankee Stadium"
>>> You tell Player_A, "None of the streets are built block by block. It's on Grand Concourse, north of Eugenio Maria de Hostos, where it belongs according to the city map and the aerial pictures."

And that was the last before he disconned. My next response, if he fed me another cross street, was going to be:
And, quite honestly, if you're hoping to demonstrate that your knowledge of New York is better than mine, you're completely correct. If you're trying to accomplish something constructive I suggest you try a different tack - because your didactic recitation of places, addresses and cross streets is doing no more than establishing to me that your purported desire to 'help' is a thinly-veiled attempt at claiming some kind of superiority over the builders. As I stated, our interest is in creating a sufficiently diverse representation of New York that people have places to roleplay - in the style of the Gargoyles series - not to create a perfect block-by-block reproduction of the city, nor to build sightseeing areas just to claim that we have them there.

A few facts about the player in question:
The list produced by @rules specifically states that public communication should be kept to a PG-13 level - with a note that sexual references should be kept to a minimum.
This particular player, when he first came onto the MOO, had a description that raised even my jaded eyebrows. Keep in mind that I play a character elseMOO who is a 13-year-old whore with a penchant for stabbing any man she can't seduce. I've created characters with backgrounds and personalities so twisted that my GM demanded I tone them down before he could stomach the history ("I will not countenance, even in fiction, the gang-rape of a two-year-old girl.") But I try to stay within the bounds of the rules of the MOO. On a PG-13 MOO I describe and RP in a PG-13 manner.
Being the diplomatic one, I raised the question of his description...and requested specifically that he remove the paragraph that described his "maleness" specifically. Following is the description that replaced it. The one that he insisted was entirely appropriate.

Standing before you in a hunched over 6' feet tall, not including the 4' long tapered conical tail is, at 1st glance, a furson that bears a remarkable semblance to the World famous Gargoyle known as Brooklyn of Clan Manhattan nee Wyvern. The foot-long pointed beak, white bushy mane of hair held position by twin horse just over & foot long & curving backwards along the head's top, & even the wiry, slightly muscular physique is an almost identical recreation to the previously said individual.
But it's on your 2nd look you realize, unlike Clan Manhattan's 2nd in command, this Gargoyle is jet black-so much so that his hide-skin partially reflects any light source making his physique seem slightly, permanently wet, as if he had been recently exercising.
At the end of his wiry, muscular arms are strong hands with 3 sharply clawed fingers & an equally sharp-clawed thumb. Quickly roving downward, you see that he stands digitgrade on long thin slightly triangular shaped jacklegs, ending in 3 claws just as sharp as hind fingers'. A 4th claw just out slightly at the top of the foot-where the heel would be-like a dewclaw.
Another key factor that separates your focus from his "twin" is the fact that, unlike Brooklyn & his 10th Century dark brown loincloth, this "Creature of the Night" wears a harness made of thin black leather straps centered on a thin but solid gold ring in the middle of his chest. At the waist, a thin black leather belt holds up a black bikini-codpiece-like brief barely hiding his-it's definitely larger-than-human maleness with a "string" running between the legs, to meet up at a black leather loops that surrounds the thick tail. The leather seems to share his hid color & reflectiveness as to seem a part of him, until you see the straps move slightly apart from his musculature.

I don't know, y'all. That just really isn't a PG-13 description. I mean - scanty clothing, suggestive outfits, sure. I can see that. But the phrase larger-than-human maleness, the codpiece on the string bikini, and the general S&M demeanour of the beast....if this is "keeping sexual references to a minimum," I'm frightened.
Not to mention that I've seen him RP a mere once or twice in the five months he's been a player. Most of the time he spends online is spellchecking, critiquing, and causing me headaches.

I am a reasonable woman. At least...I strive to be. This, however, is just too much.

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