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Begin at the beginning...

..then continue until you get to the end, then stop. Right?
A la "Alice in Wonderland", I'm all muddled at the moment. I think I'll begin with the end, and save the rest for when I can type better.
The good news: my wrist isn't broken. The bad news: I went rolerskating yesterday with a number of people, had a blast. Until 4:55, when I fell over my own rollerblade and landed on my left wrist, straight down. Mike turns around: "Are you okay?" Me: "No."
Turns out I was right. Four hours in the emergency room of the View later, I'm walking out with an ER-special cast on my arm, copies if my X-rays (showing here and here), a prescription for Tylenol + Codeine, and instructions to call Orthopaedics Northeast in the morning. My arm is not set.
It's an impacted fracture. Dr. W, the orthopaedist on call, is sending me to see a hand and wrist specialist, to see if I'm going to need pins. More tomorrow.

In the meantime: My new glasses, since I've been rendered incapable of inserting and removing my contacts. And a random quiz.

You're Choo-Choo Bear! You're everyone's favourite
boneless hairless pink cat, and you like to
hide in shampoo bottles and other funny places!

Which Something Positive Character Are You?
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