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Today in Pathology:

Czaja was in rare form.
"Forms of Hepatitis B include: acute appendicitis, chronic appendicitis...
-Sounded like you said ' appendicitis' there.
-Did I? Um, well, listen to what I mean, not what I say."
He sighs. The man was apparently told just a few weeks before lecturing that he would be doing so.
He hasn't done it since...well, one of his slides mentions an increased prevalence of something in the USSR...

"That clock's not right, is it?" Beat. "Oh, no, wait. I guess it is."
As far as lecturers go, I've rarely seen anyone quite so...distractible. He wants to help us, he knows his stuff, but he just cannot follow Smith's notes for the life of him. And all we have are Smith's notes.
"These notes suck...don't tell Dr. Smith that."
And he shaved his goatee, making him look much less sexy. Damn. Renders the hour of lecture pretty much worthless. But today I remembered to bring my Endocrine notes, at least.

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