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She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys/That she calls friends...

Total Kodachromes to memorise, including approximately 250 pictures from the book: Approximately 400.
Total Kodachromes on the exam, including those snuck into the lab portion: 22.
Sub-total: Total IF and EM sections out of 66 kidney Kodachromes: Approximately 10-12, a fair proportion. Plus five more from the 60 book pictures.
Sub-total: Total IF and EM sections on the exam: 0.
Total gross specimens to memorise: Approximately 30.
Total gross specimens on the exam: 10.
Total glass slides to memorise: Approximately 30-40.
Total glass slides on the exam: 4.
Total hours spent staring blankly at Kodachromes, glass slides, and gross sections to try and memorise them: 6, plus an additional 36 working on notes that corresponded to each slide.
Total hours spent in the lab exam: 2.
I hate it when they do that.

But it went well, I think. Didn't feel too bad. Stopped shaking halfway through the first question, which is always a good sign. Here's hoping I don't get extra credit for Peutz-Jegher's polyps. (Smith: "And extra credit to anyone with less than 80% on the exam if you can name the lesion in section B of the Kodachrome.") And we went to Cebolla for dinner. And I finally got the wedding pictures up on our own server (right here, if you've not seen them), and we had flan for dessert, and, and, and...
I was going to go to bed half an hour ago. Going now. *sleeps*

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