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From jillofthejungle: "Not a whole lot to catch up on though. I love ayradyss's poems...they're so beautiful to read. So much talent there. It's always a pleasure just to see those in there."
And now I'm bouncing off the walls with general warm fuzzies and happiness....

Before you all who live here in good old FW get all snippy about how I never get excited when you compliment my poetry, it's because I know you and you're my friends, and you're supposed to say nice things to me. Even when you mean them. Whereas People From the Internet have no reason to post nice things about me in their journals, so it means double-lots.

Furthermore, I got out of Radiology early today. And instead of taking a nap, I went to Curves. Go me. Three. Three days of exercise, muahahaha.
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