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Auto setup setup will now begin.

True story - saw it on Emily's screen.

Driving down I-69 to get to Lutheran yesterday (Mental note: talk about opthalmology and lasers and the retinal camera...) and I notice this kid on my ass. Mind you, I mean on my ass to the point where I couldn't see his headlights at all in my rearview mirror. At 80 miles an hour, this - in my opinion - moves from annoying and stupid to outright reckless and suicidal. I moved over as soon as it was safe to do so. I don't want to die for some kid's need for speed. Mind, I'm still doing 80. He zooms past me in his little black Celica and devours my Safe Following Distance like it's nothing, gets briefly stuck behind the Taurus I was Safely Following, and I (still in the right lane) caught up. I kid you not, O Best Beloved, there were less than Two Feet between their bumpers. I was so disgusted at this asshole kid...You can't stop running in two feet.
Dropped back behind Scary Boy and watched him slide his scary ass in a space about one and a half times the length of his car to tailgate a semi. By the time he hit the offramp at the 102 exit (mind, I saw no taillights flash as he exited, going 85 or more) I was wishing I'd gotten his plate number so I could call it in or something. Fucking unbelievable.
The lesson of the day, O Best Beloved: when you speed, do it carefully...

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