I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

Open season on interpretations, take two: "Metea"

Images garnered from previous poetry, for the most part.
In dreams of never linger stars
      with the pull of invisible eyes.
   There are mermaids in the sky
                 with forever on their lips;
          their whispered words call soft and sweet to me.

In waking dawn I whisper why
       to the ears of impenitent I.
    There are dragons in the sea
                     with remembrance in their eyes;
their silent song draws stillness within me.

               In sunlight bold sings a faerie child
and asks whether dreams can lie.
                     There are angels in the earth
     with forgiveness on their wings;
their sacred breath brings wonder to me.

In evening's shadows whispers night
              and begs me to waken wild.
       There are devils in the clouds
                          with vengeance in their swords;
  their murmurs rise up murder within me.

In midnight's hour I linger long
      and watch with invisible eyes.
           There is a maiden in the night
with oblivion in her kiss
        her whispered words of love ensorcel me.

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