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From my notes...

    Bustamante's lecturing during lab:
  • --Anyone think these look like endometrial glands? They look like glands, they're closely packed, and they're purple...

  • After talking us through the differential diagnosis of a slide that she thought was mislabelled and then checking the sheet to find she'd been looking at the wrong number: Gee, I got this one right on my own...

  • Czaja sticks his head in. Am I interrupting here?
    Bustamante: Yes.

  • On pathology lab:
  • They say, "The first thing we do is look at it grossly" - didn't they just cut it off something?

  • Czaja: There are a couple of phsyicians out there who are just super-assholes.

  • Scott: How does a pathologist's day go bad?
    You'd be surprised.

  • Czaja: If someone shows you this slide and tries to tell you it's cancer, you can laugh at them. "Ha!" Like that.

  • It's been declining over the last six decades for about fifteen years now...

  • Just don't try to think too hard in medicine in general.

  • This is a pathology course. There's nothing practical about it.

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