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(1) I hate these fucking coded battles. They have nothing to do with how fucking well I can RP and everything to do with flying around getting a lucky shot. So it doesn't fucking matter that Shan's supposed to be fucking brilliant at math and physics and strategy...she's still at the fucking bottom of the scoreboard.
Sometimes I wonder why I stay on Ansible. It seems like so many people take it so seriously...

(2) This is short. I'm tired of venting and arguing. I'm tired of it all. Today has been a roller-coaster ride, and the end of it is carrying me downward with startling rapidity. Tell me....
[Chan] Person A> I'm more mature than to make this a big thing. Person B however, doesn't seem to b.e
>>> Person A tells you, "Hahaha I'm just -grilling- Person B. (Gender-neutral pronoun) has no answers."
Does anyone else see a dichotomy in these two statements? Because I find that any time someone makes the first one, their self-aggrandisement invariably precedes the second comment, or some kindred to it.
If you're fucking mature enough to avoid the conflict, you're fucking mature enough to not say you're that much more mature than the other person. Same with the "I was going to let it drop, but -person B= wouldn't shut up about it" argument.
It fucking takes two to fucking tango. Shove off.

And now I'm going to bed. Hopefully, when I wake up, it will all be better.

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