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Open season on interpretations, take 1: "teddy bear"

The person for whom this is intended should have less trouble than the rest of you
Phoenix child,
      with wings of pain,
   rise soaring above the clouds.
                      Your eyes are ashen,
your eyes are grey,
             your heart is afire and O
      the light of stars 
                    is calling you now.

           Mermaid child,
                            with eyes of night,
the oceans flow into the sea.
                                Your hands are trembling,
       your hands are free,
                 your dreams unfold and O
the eyes of stars
                     are watching you now.

Icicle child,
      with hands of frost,
                defy the winter's cold.
Your heart is frozen,
                        your heart is lost,
         your soul is untethered and O
                  the summer stars
  will warm you now.

Unwoven child
           with a heart of flame,
                   come back, come close, don't stray.
Your wings are battered,
              your wings are frail
        Your eyes are ashen but O
the light of stars
                 is in them now.
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