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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
No Frankie. No Bananas.
Frankie and the Bananas bailed on us. They're the doctor band who usually plays at the Sophomore Send-Off Dinnerdance. For free. They aren't that bad, really, but they play oldies and they play loud. So we weren't thrilled about having them play. But it's on April 11th, and we aren't quite sure what we're going to do now. Jim's on the lookout for a DJ now, although I like the idea of doing karaoke, personally. And Nephrology today is a review session., so even even if he doesn't have notes, it's okay. Funny guy.
''Do...you shave once a week?"
Scott looks a bit embarassed, rubs his scruff. "It's cold out."
"In our society, we feed people before we kill them. It's the American way."

And he brought us Kiszka, which is some kind of Polish foodstuff, a sausage. Since we were making fun of Iwona for her Polish food.

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