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Funny things....

Lynda called, looking for Dad. He's out with Paul. So I chatted with her a little bit, about belly dancing (oh, I got into the class on the third week, just yesterday, when a space opened up) and the house, and Erin. Okay, we chatted for quite a while. Makes me feel grown up to be able to talk with her.

Me, to Angel: We have a giant butter container in the fridge. What's in it?
Angel (opening the fridge): Butter.
Me: No, the other one.
Angel: Rice. You know, I knew somehow that I was going to open the wrong one, and you were going to think I did it on purpose...
He did. I'm sure of it.

House paperwork came to us today. Except that it has the selling price listed as our original offer, not as the agreed-on price. Called Cyndie's cell phone, left a message. O please o please let this work out right...
We want to close on the 28th. That's in 2 and a half weeks. Will it work?
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