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Uteri: the plural of uterus. U-te-ri. Word.

Final score on the OB-GYN exam: 80%. Much better than the 73% I'd gotten previously
Final score on the Pathology lab exam: 81%. Class average: 85%. Getting there.

Notes for Monday's Pathology Exam:
Female Genital Tract (Bustamante): 27 pages. Thank heavens for tiny favours, like skipping the last two pages of gestational disorders
Gastrointestinal Tract (Czaja):45 pages, but not all of it is important by his standards. Mental note: print out his powerpoints.
The Kidney (Lee): 25 pages.
Lower Urinary Tract (Smith): 8 pages.
Total: 105 pages. My current location: Page 25 of Female Genital Tract. 80 pages to go. Damn.

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