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Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping...

Angel, waiting at a red light and watching the car next to him creep up: Dude, the light's not scared. It doesn't care how close you get to it...

I suddenly realised that I've done very little updating as of late, and more Creative Writing. Probably a relief to Some People. It's not that nothing's happened - evidenced by the usual RP quotes from Friday - more that I keep getting distracted from doing it.

Ah, Em...when I tell you to put the CD in the drive and run the installation program, I mean put the CD in the drive and run the installation program, not ask me why the computer has no sound so I have to go put the CD in the drive and run the installation program for you.
In the immortal words of one of my classmates: "Emily's not that bright, but she still deserves better than Mike..." Even keeping in mind that "not that bright" is relative to a medical student, it's so true. She's just...daft.

Heard from Cindy-the-mortgage-agent on Friday; she's sending the papers for us to sign. Going to try and push up the close date to 28 March, hopefully. We signed the disclosure and our request for the sellers to make the front windows work, too. All the rest is little stuff.
Stayed up way too late watching movies on Friday night and consequently got almost nothing done Saturday. No sleep and doing notes and Z's utterly enthralling campaign all at once...
I'm sure our little cabal has been up and going for 48 hours straight - or very nearly. We've been on the same day for four or five sessions now, and so much has happened that I don't know quite how to even begin Psyche's journal entry. I'll have to do what I try not to and go back through logs. Psyche, after all, has a practically eidetic memory for details - particularly when she's upset...which is almost constantly.

So not much of major import for this entry...the big things have been addressed in as much detail as I intend to convey in prior entries.

And today's sermon quote, from a man who was reminded of what he took for granted: "Master, feed poor boys - not monkeys."

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