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92.3 FM has been playing their list of the top 923 classic rock songs of all time, as voted by their listeners, mind you. Reproduced for your pleasure here is their published list. And I was listening to the top 5 (note Another Brick In The Wall is there, good thing) and suddenly realised that Stairway to Heaven was #2. There had never been any doubt in my mind that Stairway would make the #1 song; it's the song that defines Classic Rock. Right? Apparently not this time. Van Halen's Eruption/You really Got Me beat out Stairway.
I'm so confused.

Buried in Zelda (yes, I'm still working on beating any one Zelda game once. Currently, it's Ocarina of Time) for like the third day in a row (I'm such a dork) instead of working on the online D&D stuff I'm going to run (LJ community ratiel if you like observing), but I keep telling myself as long as my players don't have their sheets up, why bother? I know how it's going to start out, after all. Also adamantly Not Studying. I'll get around to that later. Much later.
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