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(remotely) Tamlin nibbles you g'night, knowing you are likely asleep yourself anyhow, and even though he didn't bother to say hi.
I wasn't. But it made me smile.

Argh. I log onto Ansible for two seconds to check mail and get roped into staying there to arrange a trade. And now it's late, and all. And I can hear Angel snoring in the bedroom. Poor sleepy darling.

Tomorrow's exam:
6 points of Paediatrics, which we have most of the answers for.
16 points of OB-GYN, which is (a) curved and (b) one of the lecturers was called to active duty and didn't lecture, but the section is still on the exam - so every question there is extra credit.
4 points of Urology, the all-the-answers sheet for which is still on my desk at school. Good thing Angel's dropping me off half an hour early.
Total: 26 points. To which the Magic Excel Spreadsheet says:
Pass: 23.46%. High Pass: 75.36%. Honours Pass: 121.54%.
Now that is reassuring. And on that note, I'm going to bed.
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