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Petal Fall

They say that sex and love are two different things: that truly loving someone is something that transcends the physical; that you don't have to love someone - or even really like them - to involve yourself in skin-on-skin intimacy with them. And I suppose, on the one hand, they're right.I can bump and grind with any old body; it has nothing to do with love. But I think there's something about the whole thing - and when it comes down to it, you fall a little bit in love every time.
Sometimes, though, that little bit in love...sometimes it sticks. And then you're left wondering if you didn't somehow stumble into something that was just a little bit bigger than you thought it was; some cosmic monster of a card trick where you're the ace hiding up the sleeve of a shoddy worn-wool jacket, clips and pulls and wires and strings lining you up for a sleight of hand in the final act. You're left waiting for the flourish, for the 'that's-what-it-was-all-about' to make sense of something so strange that you hadn't ever imagined it would come to pass.
And you wonder, sometimes, what's up the other sleeve.
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