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Locked my keys in the car. Along with my white coat, my doctor bag, my stethoscope and the bottle of water I was looking for all morning. Whoops.

But Rachel took me to the hospital and Dr. L let me do rounds anyway - "You can borrow my stethoscope, and -I- don't have a white coat, either" - so it worked out. Now waiting for Angel to come and get me.
Saw Mrs. E, who was in for pneumonia. Lovely rales in her lungs. And Mr. X, who had a mitral valve replacement and a pacemaker implant and was already wanting to get out of bed. "He's Irish," his wife says, and that explains it all.
And G.K., who was our H&P patient for the day.
Accomplishments: successfully percussed and felt his liver, estimating size correctly. Got his heart rate right. Remembered most of my review of systems.
I need to just grab someone, give them my history-taking card, and have them watch me take a history and see what I miss. Repeatedly. I need to memorise that thing.

And now over to the house (HOUSE!) to let the inspector in so he can look it over (HOUSE!)...

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