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The most fascinating thing happens when Mike hears people express beliefs he doesn't agree with...he claims he follows logic, but he makes amazing jumps in it.
Today's lecturer (an OB-GYN) made the statement that he feels that aborting a fetus for nonmedical reasons is the same as killing a baby in a crib. He did not attempt to sway us to his view, nor did he expound on the statement, which (if I recall correctly) was part of a brief digression spawned by a question. Mike's interpretation: "That's bullshit. This is a state school, he has no right to be up there preaching to us. He needs to remember separation of church and state."
Not everyone who objects to abortion objects on the basis of religion, nor was it even mentioned. I brought that point up to Em after he left - having no desire to hear him hold forth on the topic for ages and ages. "I didn't even think about that," she murmured, surprised. Apparently, neither did he.

Mike refuses to believe that religion and science can coexist. "I find it hard to accept that the majority of the people in this classroom believe that life came about without a human sperm fertilizing a human egg. How can they believe that bullshit and still accept modern science?" - in other words, believing in some sense the Biblical account of the conception of Christ is incompatible with believing in science. I'm not going to argue it right now, nor did I then; he wouldn't listen. But stranger things than auto-fertilisation take place in nature...
Why doesn't he see that his slavish devotion to logic is as much a religion as any other, subject to the same human fallacies? He takes it so seriously...

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