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Caution: may cause bowel dysfunction.

We were walking through Kroger yesterday, talking about obscure things to put in the muffins (Blueberry-pecan, they turned out to be, very yummy) - and we came across a box of Craisins. Now, Craisins - for those who don't know - will give you constipation if you eat too many. I have it on good authority. And I shared this fact with Angel. "So don't eat a whole box," he says.
Me, walking through the aisles of Kroger, in a normal indoor voice: No, really. I think they should have a warning label: Caution: May cause bowel dysfunction.
Just as we passed some poor innocent clerk restocking the shelves. I wish I had had a camera to capture his expression. We laughed all the way through frozen foods.

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