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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Bart, I love you.
Exam today was...well, it could've been worse. I knew more than I didn't know, and a surprising amount of information was dredged out of my mind by the questions. Banged my head against the wall a couple of times, things I just hadn't quite memorised or should've listened to my instinct on (why oh why didn't I go over Histiocytosis X carefully?) but there were 192 questions, so missing a few isn't going to kill me. Crossed myself before the exam, even though I'm not Catholic. For some reason, that particular gesture appeals to me. Apparently, God listened. Now to wait and see scores in a few weeks (hey, 16 exams, graded by hand, 192 short-answer questions each...)

Went to tell Angel I was on the way home. Vessa pages me. "Where'd mistwalker.org go?" Sure enough, I've got connectivity home - I can get to my desktop and ping the WAN, but the server's all gone. Head home. No lights, no fans. Not good. So I get on the phone and call A+ computers, ask for Bart. I have a dead computer, I say, think it's the power supply - and it's our server, so I need it fixed quick-like.
Bring it in. he tells me. I'll test the supply and if that's not it, we'll see what we can do. So I did. It was the power supply (go me!). How much do I owe you? Nothing, he says. You haven't had it a year - it's under warranty.
No receipts, nothing. But Bart remembers every computer we've bought from him. And probably every computer we've bought for everyone else from him. What a man.

E-mail from Kris: No word yet, they called and said it might not be until tomorrow, so hang in there. I'm hanging. So hopeful. So hyper. O please o please o please....

Angel hooked Shalom into the surround sound. This may or may not have been a good idea; I've currently got Prozzäk cranked up nice and loud, and am sorting MP3's to suit my every desire.
And tonight Angel's taking me to dinner for Valentine's day finally.

now feeling:: happy happy
now hearing:: Prozzäk - Europa

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