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T-minus 90 minutes...

Lindy and Kara are in the classroom asking each other questions in soft voices. I don't even remember half of the things they're talking about. I'm going to fail.
I doubt the coffee (3 or 4 cups, now) is helping my nerves any - nor is the icky lasagna that's the only frozen dinner I have left in here. Rachel's right - Weight Watchers meals are gross. Lean Cuisine is much yummier.

Everything has a name. Fucking names. Psoriasis shows Munro inclusions, Koffman signs, and something else. Mycosis fungoides (a lymphoma named 'fungus fungus', how screwed-up is that?) has Poutrier inclusions. Lichen planus has Civette bodies, I think. And then there's all of the bedamned lymphomas. It's the names that kill me. Gaucher's disease and glucocerebrosides; Niemann-Pick and sphingomyelinase; Tay-Sachs and GM2 gangliosidase.

If he asks translocations, I'll die. M2 type is (8;14). M3 is (15;17). M4 is (16;18). CML shows no alkaline phosphatase and a t(9;22) - the Philadelphia chromosome. Hairy cell leukaemia (whoever knew your body could find so many ways to screw up?) has acid phosphatase, just like prostate cancer, only this is tartrate-resistant.

Amyloidosis - we have a slide of amyloidosis, haven't talked about it since last semester. AA type and AL type, amyloid beta and beta-2 microglobulin. And those bedamned mnemonics for what organs are affected. I'm going to cry.

Quick - what are the most likely aetiologic agents for osteomyelitis? Well, that depends on if you're old (gram-negative rods), an infant (E. coli, Pseudomonas), a drug user (Pseudomonas), a sickle cell patient (Salmonella), or your average Joe (Staph, strep, or E. coli, but maybe Pseudomonas if you're unlucky)...

I'd just like to state that I hate skin. Skin, my friends, is evil in the highest degree. I'm going to go stare at more facts about skin. Please, God, just let me pass...

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