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So much money....

Kris came over today with the papers to really truly make an offer on the cute little house. Going to put the bid in tomorrow. Part of me is bouncing off the walls. Part of me is flat-out terrified. It's so much money...and I'm so scared of debt...

So they have until midnight on the 25th to respond. Just like that. And if they say yes, I've got to talk to the bank and sign papers and it's so much money!
If you want to know, pictures of the house in question are here. It's 1800 square feet, two bedrooms, two stories, a bath and a half. Has ceramic tile in the entryway, kitchen, and breakfast nook, forced-air heat and central air. and a fireplace. And some of the pictures aren't really relevant, or readable - don't worry about them.
And now, back to notes. I'm going to fail this exam...
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