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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
It's snowing outside; has been doing that and freezing rain since noonish. And then...suddenly...
Kaboom! Rumble rumble rumble....

It's lightning and thunder out too.
And as the night wears on, and I finally get three sets of lab notes concatenated into one seventeen-page document that'll at least tell me the ways I'm going to fail this next exam, it settles into a gentle snow with howling 20-30 mile an hour winds. I think we'll skip church tomorrow.

We went out to look at the house today. Dad took one look at the stairs and went "No. You are not getting a queen-sized box spring up that." So we stalled for 20 minutes on the stairs before we decided that no, we probably could. In fact, based on the size of the inverse dent in the master bedroom, there was one there before. And if it doesn't fit, well, there's always going to the local Custom Mattress Place (TM) and convincing them to make us a split queen box spring. They do it for king-sized ones, after all. Should be able to arrange a queen, right?
That resolved, the rest of the house is beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that Dad says there's no reason not to make an offer on the house. So as soon as it's safe to go out in the Evil Snow, we're going to write one up.
I'm so freakin' excited.

Tomorrow: hitch a ride with Jim's four-wheel drive to campus. Study Kodachromes and microscope slides. Study book pictures. Study like mad.
Monday: The doctor supposed to do the morning Medicine lecture for OB-GYN has been called to active duty and shipped out Friday. So we have two extra studying hours before the exam at 1. Then, I think I'm going to go home, collapse, and finish setting up Shalom to my tastes. It's substituting for the laptop while Shain is in the shop.
I can't wait for Monday after the exam.

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now hearing:: Bloodhound Gang - Dear Chasey Lane

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piccolopixie From: piccolopixie Date: February 23rd, 2003 12:59 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
Yay! Are there pictures of this house? I forget...but wanna see the cute, might be yours, house!
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