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Role-playing quotes...

Transcribed post-session, since my laptop is in the shop.
  • GM: Your bow has electrical arrows.
    Lily: Let's play 'shock the drow'
    Me: The drow are shocked enough.

  • GM: Your horses whuffle.

  • Angel: I bet if you turn out the lights, there'll be a glowing cross on my forehead.
    GM: Ooh, ooh! Put a pentagram on mine!

  • (I got a new sword. When drawn, it acts as if 'displace self' is cast on me. Riding along, I practise swordplay) GM: And then you're not sitting on your horse, and then you are...
    James (A chaotic evil cleric): What the bloody heaven are you doing?
    Me: Practising.

  • Me (to James): Are you talking to your waist?
    Angel: What?
    Me: We need to go that way.
    Angel: We're listening to his crotch?
    James: Some things are more intelligent than others.

  • GM: You come to a fence.
    Me: Does it have a stile?
    GM: Sort of nouveau-chic.

  • Me: Then I draw my other sword and stab the horse's body.
    Lily: Talk about beating a dead horse...

  • Me (to Lily): Are you doing anything? I just slaughtered my horse and walked off.
    Lily: I'm thinking I won't be following him.

  • Angel: Next round. (rolls) Oh, I drool some more.

  • Me: I prevent her from wandering.
    GM: The spell breaks.
    Angel: What the hell?
    Me: Hi.
    Angel: Hi. Thanks.
    Me: And thus the drow exchange the first civil words of the entire campaign...

  • Me: I spend the night splitting grass. Around her bed.
    GM (to Angel): You wake up. You've got split ends.
    Angel (to me): You missed.

  • GM: There's nothing around the dome except grass.
    Me: Fuzzy grass.
    GM: Fuzzy grass.

  • GM: It goes 'twang', 'twang', 'twonk', 'twang'...
    Me: Hold up - let's go back to the 'twonk'.
    Jefe: Yes, because I stop at every 'twonk' I see.

  • Me: I hold my hand out in front of me, close my eyes, and walk toward the door.
    GM: You run into some nice hard porcelain.
    Me: With my hand.
    GM: Yes.
    Me: Hence the hand.
    Jefe: I want to see him run his nose into the giant egg. I'd write a song about it and sing it over and over.

  • Jefe (after Angel rolls a 31 for initiative): He's going first. Like, we're still thinking about moving, and she's over there doing a jig.

  • GM (to James, same combat round): What's your init?
    James: Six.
    GM: Slow-ass bitch.

  • Angel: Does it move threateningly?
    GM: Yes.
    Angel: Well, I move threateningly back at it.

  • GM (to me): It bites at you, and goes 'grr, grr'. (rolls) And then it misses you with its claw and grabs itself.
    Me: Great, so it bites me and goes all Michael Jackson.
    GM: And then it hits you with its other claw and goes 'growl, growl'.

  • GM: It's a grr-goyle.
    Me: Dammit, Eric, why are all of your monsters gay?

  • GM (pointing at me): Maybe the gargoyle will eat her.
    Me (I'm playing a male character): Him.
    Chorused: Him. Him.
    GM (pointing at Angel, playing a female character): Her.
    Angel: Me?
    GM: You're still a drow...

  • GM: It is not gay. It's French.

  • Me: I have normal dreams. They're just not memorable. I spend the night bored.

  • Me: I pick up a crystal shard. No, actually, I pick up several. Because they might be good to put in people's eyes later.

  • GM (he claims it's from a commercial...): Do you believe in Crystal Light? Because it believes in me.

  • Me: You're drooling Sweet Tarts.

  • GM: Does anyone have Knock?
    Me: No, but I have 'kick'.

  • Me: Live-action tentacle porn. Next, on HBO.

  • GM: They notice you. Well, one of the medusa's snakes does, and pokes her.

  • GM: She [the Medusa] is putting on her shirt.
    Me: I take the opportunity. One must appreciate all things.

  • Jefe or Angel: Okay, we all have to buff her, now.

  • Someone: Did you ever see a smug octopus?

  • Me: Name one thing that would be worth letting you and that snake-ass bitch out of there. I've seen skin less scaly on a dragon with psoriasis.
    GM: You had better hope those two never get out of that wall of force...or you are so going to be hunted down...

  • James: There's three somethings in there...
    Me: Define 'something'.
    James: Gooey, watery, something.

  • GM: ...astral constructs guarding the passage.
    Me: Asshole constructs?
    Angel: No, then they'd be sort of brown.
    GM: And log-shaped.
    Guess what we called the Astral Plane for the rest of the session...

  • Me: The good thing about Bri is that she's portable.
    Lily: Plus, when you step on me I make cracking noises. I'm like a cockroach.

  • GM: Plus, it's salt water; it'll dry your skin out.
    Lily: You're a bad, bad man.

  • GM: Does anyone here have 'rope use'?
    Jefe: No, but I have 30 skill points I need to get rid of...

  • James: At this rate, we could've probably walked to the Celestial Plane.

  • Jefe: I will not be the bard responsible for bringing Sailor Moon to Faerun.

  • Angel: I look down into the goo.
    GM: She's suspended above you.
    Angel: I look up into the goo.

  • GM: She (the dragon)'s got big green boobs.

  • GM: Her big green eyes sear into your soul...but she makes a really cool sparkly effect on the walls like a giant disco ball.

  • Someone: That's it, call the drow a dwarf.

  • Me: Thank God for telepathy. No tongue to get in the way.

  • Jefe: How did drow evolve levitation as an innate ability?
    Me: Because accidentally falling down bottomless pits is bad.
    Someone (a la Crocodile Hunter): Oh, crikey! We lost another one!
    Someone else: Danger! Danger!

  • Angel (in the Astral Plane): I'm looking for something that's not grey and swirly.

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