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No, I promise, it's just a virus...I'm on antibiotics.

Yesterday, went over to the child care place and learned the quick physical exam on a Real Child. O. was the cutest, friendliest, most gregarious 9-month-old baby I've seen in a long time. She was very good and didn't scream while we felt her little tummy and listened to her heart and lungs. Out at 1:30. Over to A+, where Bart had everything ready for us in a flash.
I put Em's computer together all right, after I realised that the ATA133 drive on the end of a (bad?) UDMA cable was probably the reason that the system wasn't recognising the hard drive, called David, and acquired some normal IDE cables. Left her installing Windows. I was very patient, even explaining to her that no, the video card was not what you needed to watch videos - that it was what your monitor plugged into. Still have to go back and get her drivers installed sometime for onboard sound.
Came home, turned around, and went out house-hunting again with Angel, Bri, and James. Three more houses, including one whose picture I was certain had to be tinted wrong. It looked pink.
We stopped at the first place, which had aluminum siding that was wood-toned. It looked nice outside, except for the evidence of a recent garage-egging. Inside, however, was...disturbing. From the solar panel hooked to a car battery and hanging on the wall to the pantry full of tools to the little motion detector in the kitchen (complete with X10 camera) to the total lack of furniture except for mattresses...And there was still someone living there. All we saw was his back, though, as he laid in bed. It was most unnerving. Bri and I decided that he must have been recently divorced, and having to sell the (very lovely under the trashed frat-house look) house to move somewhere else. But overall...it was just creepy.
Second house, also known as "Is that pink?" Surprisingly, it was. Flesh-toned, more than outright pink. And it was adorable. We went through the whole house, worrying that we were going to find something awful (frozen toilets, and the like) but there was nothing wrong with it. Ceramic tile in the kitchen, carpets that wouldn't need replacing, a beautiful bathroom upstairs...the fridge will need replacing, if we want to use the shelves in the door, but that's no big deal. We left, thinking "I wonder what's going to go wrong with wanting this house?"
Third house, a ranch that was foreclosed on. Seventies decor, ancient furnace, and the wildlife in the garage attic aside, if we'd taken the left half of the house and put it on the right half, it would've been nice. As it was, it was just too darn sprawling. Plus, the carpeted kitchen weirded me out.
So we have another possibility, a house that seems really nice - if it'll be possible to get the box springs up the stairs - and we're going back on Saturday morning to see it. Angel has the beeper this weekend, for the first time - it figures. Robby invites everyone over to his place, I think I can swing going, and then Angel needs to stay within driving distance of his computer so he can be tech support. I'm sorry, Robby!

Today has been relatively bland. Cough still lingering in my upper airways, so I don't think I'll go to fencing tonight. I don't need to make it worse. But I am thinking about signing up for belly-dancing lessons. Sounded like fun, and Angel most certainly approves :).
More later, most likely. Right now, my tired body needs a nap.

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