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Is that a Care Bear?

Angel bought me a Grumpy Bear (special 20th anniversary edition) at the mall Sunday. Because I feel so icky.
I took it to class yesterday, which made me feel a bit better.
Skipped morning lecture in Pathology so that I could sleep in just a bit more. Meant to study for the Medicine exam but I felt like shit. So I went in to take the exams, did them in a fog, and then stumbled off to the library to sleep from 10:30 to 12:30.
Adjusted scores:
Opthalmology 100%
Gastrointestinal 83%

I can cope with that.
Heated up some solid food, foregoing the soup I'd brought, ate it, and decided I was feeling good enough to go to lab. I didn't know then that lab was going to last four and a half fucking hours, not to mention its subject...
Bustamante's doing female genital, and decided she needed her lab time to lecture on the topic. With pictures. I was already feeling sick, before she showed us shots of radical vulvectomies. Some of these cancer resections...they take it all, boys and girls. Imagine a fairly modest bikini bottom, and just cut out anything it covers in the front. Basically, Bustamante says, there's no normal anatomy left.
Staggered out of the classroom at 5:30, got home at 6, went to sleep. Angel woke me up around 8 for dinner. And flowers. Byootiful flowers. I got a few pages of notes done, and then collapsed into bed.

Still need to talk about house-hunting. The beautiful one is ruined, though, it sounds like. Dammit.
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