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He pages, "personally, i'm afraid of any financial dealing with the base mort in its name."

Meeting with the mortgage people tomorrow. My stomach's all twisty.
Between fencing and the hospital this afternoon, I've gotten nothing done. Plus, there's an offer on the table for the house I posted pictures of. Doesn't mean we can't get it, besides, Eldorado might be even cuter. The subdivision's name is Eldorado Hills. Whee. Eldorado.

Didn't get out of the hospital until 4:30. Three freakin' hours there, with a total of one of them being learning time. We sat around the doctors' lounge. We talked over the book (I read the wrong chapter, but it was okay, I faked it). We went and saw two sample patients and then waited in the doctors' lounge for her to find us some sample H&P patients to write up. For forty-five minutes, I think. We used the time wisely, we did. We percussed the walls to find the studs. Good practise for listening for livers. And we talked about things. And waited.
And then our sample patient (Ms. J, in for what might be gastric or might be MI, not sure yet) was a charmer and a half, but her pastor came in while we were talking to her, so we waited in the hall for 20 more minutes and talked about next year, and compared our history notes so far.
We're both terrified, Rachel and I. And we forgot to get Ms. J's age, medication history, or relevant social history. Oh, well.

It was a wasted afternoon. But fencing was fun, and Mom says the house in Eldorado is very cute. Now if only that promised 4-7 inches of snow will hold off...I want to go to Indy tomorrow.

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