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D&D Quotes, 07 February 2003 - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
D&D Quotes, 07 February 2003

  • Lily: Do I know about women?
    Me: Want to know them better?
    Lily: I have...nothing decent to say.

  • GM: Get your angst on, girl. We're about ready.

  • DM: To the Outer Planes? Short of a god, there's not much way...
    Jeff: I need to take "open portal," that's what I need.
    Me: I need to take "schmooze god".
    GM (making shoulder rolls): Hey, baby...
    Me: Open your portal for me...

  • GM: ...the planar garage-door opener of wickedness...

  • Angel: We take our horses...
    GM: Which are alive....(meaningful look) Take a note.

  • GM: You see something...large and brown.
    Angel: It's a shit-dragon.

  • Bri: A mime is a terrible thing to waste....
    Dash: We already wasted a few. Why not another?

  • Me: Will you please refrain from saying witty things while I'm rolling dice?
    Angel: Yeah. No quips during combat.

  • GM: It giggles at you.
    Me: Fuck you. Fucking shit-dragons.

  • GM: It giggles (clapping his hands) Oooh!
    Bri: Great. It's flaming.

  • Jefe: You're obviously worthy of having a song written about you. You're very large and scaly.

  • Angel: Well, what do you need done?
    GM (as a dragon): Well, my nails, for one.
    Me: Oh, my god. It's a fag-dragon.

  • GM: What'll you give me?
    Me (indicating Lily): You can have the elf.
    Angel: We're a -party- of elves.

  • GM: He stops at you. "What've you got there?"
    I look up from the computer with a startled expression.
    GM: He's detecting magic.
    Me: Oh, whew.

  • Me: All I want in life is to fuck one person!
    Jefe: I've had that feeling myself.

  • Me: I'm going to take a swing at it, just on principle.
    GM: You hack at dragon flesh. It's dead already.
    Me: That's okay. I feel better.

  • GM: There's one blue tile.
    Me (to Angel): Push on it.
    Angel (to me): You.
    Me: Okay. I push on it.
    GM: Nothing happens.
    Me: See? Nothing happened. Pansy-ass bitch.

  • Jefe: Is that undead?
    Angel: Not yet.

  • Me: She's an elf. She's not inhuman.
    Angel: Yes, she is.</l>
  • Me: I have two masterwork +1 Kamas...
    Angel: And I have a +1 semicolon.

  • Bri: How do you say no to that?
    Jefe: No.

  • Me: It's a drow! With wings, for her protection.

  • Me: Eric, I'm out of drink.
    GM: What? I'm trying to kill you at the moment.

  • Jefe (to Lily): What's your deity again?
    Lily (to Jefe): Drink!
    Me: Bacchus, apparently.

  • Me: One +1 flaming rapier.
    Angel: Yeth.
    GM: I want to kill thomebody.

  • GM: You see a bricked-up wall.
    Angel: How well-bricked?

  • Me: Drow chick is getting the shit kicked out of her?
    GM: Yep.
    Me: Good. Teach her some humility.

  • Jefe (muffled): I now have dice in my mouth, so if you don't want to catch my germs, don't use these dice. (spits, rollls) Woohoo!</i>

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platypuslord From: platypuslord Date: February 7th, 2003 11:48 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
I wish I had D&D games like that. Our games always seem to focus too much on combat. Which is cool and all, but funny is better.
From: ex_pharmboy843 Date: February 8th, 2003 08:47 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
If D&D was more like that I would probably play it ever. Without such things I must make do with Neverwinter Nights ;).
feathered From: feathered Date: February 8th, 2003 05:07 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
I don't ever want to play D&D with you guys. It's terrifying just to read the snippits of it! *shudder*

I'm tempted to tell you once again that drinking is baaaad. Rawwwr.
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