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Today...is a prolific day.

The discussion was on "female circumcision" (more properly termed female genital mutilation), which is a positively abhorrent practise that's roughly equivalent to whacking off half of a man's genitalia with a piece of broken glass. Please don't ask how it got there.
(OOC) Storm> The US has finally started accepting girls threatened to be given them. As refugees, that is.
(OOC) Shandahr> It's a miracle. I'd be half afraid Bush would recommend them as premarital-sex prevention.
(OOC) Carson> Terrorism leads to premarital sex.
(OOC) Carson> And vice versa...
I laughed so hard.

Then, Angel pages me. "Can you hard-boil some eggs for me for the soup?" Sure, I can hard-boil eggs. Even though I'm twenty-four years old and I've never boiled an egg in my life...
Enter The Joy of Cooking. Eggs, hard-boiled. Instructions in precise detail. I get out my five eggs, I boil the water, I use the little strainer we have for eggrolls to lower them gently into the boiling water, and lower the temperature to simmer as instructed. I watch as streams of fine white material spurt out from one of the eggs. Whoops. I fish out the (apparently, cracked) egg and put another one in.
They came out perfectly. I ate one just to be sure. Yum.

Indy bank people e-mailed back. She accidentally deleted my voicemail on Monday. But she's glad to help, when is a good time to call and when can we meet? *bounces* Despite the part of my stomach that's twisting in positive knots at the idea of taking out a mortgage for so much money! I feel very grown-up, not to mention thrilled to little tiny bits about getting a House of our Very Own. Whee.
Suddenly, I'm glad I have a paid account. I'm so spammy, you'd never think I had a life outside LiveJournal...

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