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Mom, I love you.

Whisper: *sniffles* Did you find the email with the livejournal link in it?
RaBever87: No, I didn't.......I never saw any that I know of.....what address did you send it from?
RaBever87: Can you resend it?
Whisper: Warning: some of the language isn't always the best. Especially when I'm ranting.
RaBever87: ok, i guess i don't have TOO sensitive ears.
Whisper: Figured I'd warn you, since I tend to swear a lot more when I write than when I'm speaking.
RaBever87: but i can hardly believe my gentle daughter would result to profanity! :)

For all of you whose parents don't understand you...for all of you whose parents refuse to acknowledge that you're an adult...for all of you whose parents think that just because you have a mind, desires, and volitions that differ from theirs you're some kind of deviant who should be kept on a tight leash...
Mom is mine, but I'll share her with you if you want to come and visit.

Not to neglect my daddy, because I'm such a daddy's girl it's absolutely ridiculous, and I'll talk about my daddy in another post. But right now, I love Mom.
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