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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Four days in a row now: the Bob and Tom Show has played their newest release - a spoof on the Beach Boys' "Kokomo," called "camel toe"...and the stupid thing has the same catchy tune as "Kokomo," which I used to listen to on the bus going to school every morning.
And it's stuck in my head all freakin' day!

Thank you, Bob and Tom.

Passed an ad for the IPFW wind ensemble today. Realised I hadn't touched my clarinet in something like two years. How sad is that? I miss playing...especially since I did it for fifteen years, second grade through my senior year of college. And then just tossed it aside for med school. I think, once I'm out of residency, maybe I'll try and join a community orchestra or something. I love playing.
No longer timing out of Ansible after 5 minutes. Maybe the router's fixed by the beta firmware. *crosses fingers*
And now to prevent myself from humming the camel toe song in class...

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