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Clarabear asked me about Jezebel...and so did Jefe and a couple of others. So here's the answer...she ...is one of the only images in my poetry that I don't know who she represents.
Archetypically, she's the ultimate wicked temptress, embodiment of sin and evil. She was rebuked by the prophet Elijah for her wickedness...and eventually when she died not even the dogs would touch her body.

But my symbols don't always follow reason.
And every time she shows up in my poetry, I'm begging her for something...

Look at the other poems she's been in...
take me by the arms
and pull me down
this reality is too harsh for me
Into my eyes and see you
not the one who slid a catlike glance
but me! my you are
and this reality can't stand that word
me not you not us
i can't live before you and i
won't after you go on for long
so take
me by the arms and pull me down
down to where you are
and Jezebel,
love me.
        NsK 14-8-96
            those eyes

don’t lie jez
     i know you know my ways
   you crossed my path today
my love

           don’t sigh jez
our love my love can save
     you took my hand today
my love
                don’t cry jez
i meant to make you stay
       you broke my heart today
              my love

don’t fly jez   
        don’t let this slip away
   you said goodbye today
                      my love.
NsK 13-02-01

So I don't know, Clarabear. Maybe she's my love affair with wishing I were bad and hedonistic and uncaring. Maybe she's something else. Maybe she's me. Can't tell.

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