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I should've gone home.

Fell asleep during Radiology. Stupid mammograms.
I sort of forgot when I was making the DNS file (with EveryDNS.net) to begin with that I kind of need to mention the nameservers in the DNS file. At least I think that's why suddenly mistwalker.org has ceased to exist to the Internet. Very disconcerting:
$ ping www.mistwalker.org
ping: unknown host www.mistwalker.org
When I know it was there yesterday. So I went to the icann site to pull up their whois.
Which is when I started to worry, because I'm on Mistwalker's connection, and it is so found. Which is when I sort of realised that I'd sort of forgotten to put the nameservers on the DNS.

When you look up a website on the Internet, your computer goes to a DNS server, which goes to another DNS server, which eventually winds up at a resolver, which has a copy of the information located on a root server (The root servers (managed by ICANN) keep track of the computers that keep track of the Top Level Domains (things like .com, .org, .net, .fr, etc, etc.)). Follow me so far? Let's try an illustration.
You say to your computer: "I think I'm going to go visit http://www.mistwalker.org today."
Your computer dutifully sends off a packet to find out what IP address (sort of like a unique street address or telephone number) corresponds to www.mistwalker.org.
The packet trots along, peeking in at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to find out if the ISP happens to have that particular bit of information stashed away from recent use. Let's say the ISP shakes its head. "Nope. Ask the root servers."
The root servers are hermit-y little beasts, so the dutiful packet stops off at the resolvers first. Resolvers just hang out and copy the information found on the root servers to make it available. Resolver, reading its script from the root server, says: "Ah, so. You seek www.mistwalker.org, do you? Follow the golden lotus path to the third hill, and ask the .ORG registry. You will find your answers there."
On the third hill along the golden lotus path, the .ORG registry ponders. "Ah, so. It is written in my scroll for mistwalker.org that you will find your answers at the house of ns1.everydns.net, which is just to the right after you cross the bridge. If he is not home, try ns2.everydns.net or ns3.everydns.net."
Everydns.net pulls out a file card. "www.mistwalker.org? Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning." And off your computer goes.
I forgot to mention to everydns.net that I really did want them to hold on to that filecard. Whoops.

But ICANN's whois is starting to resolve again now, so maybe I fixed it.

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