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The boys are trying to decide whether Thomas Jefferson had syphilis or not. What a strange group we are.
Pathology lab exam...generally sucked. In fact, most of today has generally sucked.
Good things: The complete Amber chronicles came today, as did my First Aid for the USMLE. I called the bank down in Indy and left her a voicemail. One more step closer.
Bad things: Lab exam. All I want to do is nothing, tonight, and I have to study for tomorrow's Cardiac exam.
Good things: I am such a nerd. Excel spreadsheet that I made today to do all my calculating for me on my Medicine exams...the little Excel spreadsheet where all I have to do is enter in my score, and it automatically adds in and totals...the little Excel spreadsheet that, if I tell it how many points my next exam is worth, will tell me what score I need to get on it to get a pass, high pass, or honours pass average in the class (I told you I was a nerd)...that sheet says that if I get a 30% on the Cardiology exam, I'll still be passing. If I get a 71% I'll still be high-passing.
Bad things: I must not have closed the door all the way last night, because Something Bad crept into the room and gave me a nightmare. Angel thinks my habit of closing the door to keep Bad Things out is sort of cute, since we have two giant windows in the wall with only curtains in them, but I know, somewhere in the primeval child part of me, that Bad Things come through Doors, not windows. And you have to keep the door shut, to keep the Bad Things Out.
It was a strange dream, in which Z's little sister's boyfriend (oddly, named Eric) went mad and started killing people with a hammer. And I knew he did, but nobody else did. I don't know who had the camera videotaping the footage, but I got to see all the murders in gory detail. And I knew I had to find him before he killed anyone else, so I went to get James, who was playing chess in the dark on the seashore. Because James was safe, safer than anyone. And James had the cell phone that belonged to Eric's roommate, the one he dialed his voicemail on and recorded his own murder. And a velvet bag with something square in it. And we went out walking under the trees, trying to decide what to do. And I knew who Eric was hunting down next, and we had to figure out how to stop him, because for some reason he was unstoppable. And somehow I knew he was going to find out that I knew - I was the only person who even knew that the people were dead, besides James - and kill me to keep his secret. The police wouldn't open his roommate's door because it was locked and they didn't see blood. And I knew he'd killed Heidi, but her roommates all said she was fine, just taking a long bath. And about then, James told me something that I can't remember now...something that made me realise it was a dream, and I dragged myself out of it whimpering.
It took a good three or four tries to wake Angel up enough for him to understand that I was terrified. But then he said all the right things and held me and let me turn the radio on for noise so I could go back to sleep.
And then when the alarm went off, he was holding me so tightly I couldn't move to reach it. Not much sleep last night.

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