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About poetry

This is the latest. Like I said, I don't know if I -like- it.
O Jezebel
          my mirrored child
      Your shadowed eyes
The summer's gone
        When days were wild
     This autumn chill
                        will break them

Bend down and rest
          your weary head
                  These days are cold,
      this autumn,
                     And dreams are dull,
Their meaning fled
           And comfort bring
                             no longer

You stand and wait
               For winter's chill
        Don't fear the storm
                             that threatens
    I'll meet you there
on frozen hill
                 And glory there

    My Jezebel,
             of gold and green
       Don't fear the cold
                      and shadow
the dark will pass
          to summer's gleam
   And we will love

"Jez", 25-10-02
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