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O, happy day....

It's now 4:50 PM. I have all of today's Pathology notes typed up. I'll work on the lab notes after Fencing Tonight!
We signed up for a fencing class with the FW Parks Department. I can't wait. I took fencing once, a long long time ago, when I was in France, but I eventually quit because I couldn't hear anything through the helmet well enough to comprehend the French. I loved it. It's a workout, though, which is just precisely what I want. Plus, it involves pointy objects. It starts tonight.

In other news: Angel and I were throwing around the idea of renting an apartment further north. Then we threw around the idea of renting Dad's house over on North Anthony that he moved into just after my parents got divorced. Seeing as how it's empty right now and all. And then...we mentioned it to Mom. And she said "Why not buy a house?" Because we'll be in Fort Wayne for the next five years, assuming I don't do something unbelievably stupid during my clinical years. Meg and Dr. Blusys say I'm a shoo-in for the F.W. Family Practise Residency. And then, maybe, I might do my payback at the Neighbourhood Health Clinic, where the CEO sings alto with me in the choir. Or maybe not. But we'll be living in Fort Wayne for the next five to nine years. And it makes sense, almost, to buy a house at that point. Doesn't it?
There's so much to know. Mortgages and payments and insurance and closing costs, and where-do-you-want-to-live, and all that. We have a couple of thoughts...I'll post links one of these days when we start seriously considering places. (I'm so unbelievably picky...) I want a house with more than one story; a bi-level will do, or a tri-level. I want a house that's bigger than a matchbox; at least 1200-1300 square feet. I want a house with a big front room (for roleplaying in, of course), two bedrooms at least, and Angel wants a house that's closer to the north end of town. And I want it to be cute, and I want it to have appliances, and I really would like one that nobody's ever lit a cigarette inside. And central cooling, and a garage...the list goes on and on.
Why do I have the feeling I'm going to have to sacrifice?

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