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So I was explaining Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" to Jim.
Scott: I've always wondered what human flesh tasted like.
Me: Weren't you the one who wanted to try cocaine?
Scott: Crack, actually.
Jim: Come on over to my house tonight, Scott. We'll smoke crack and eat babies.
It dawns on me suddenly that reporting these conversations is not the way to encourage faith in Your Future Doctors...

Pathology Exam 1 Score: 78%.
Sufficient unto my needs, but I would have liked to do better. I can cross my fingers and hope for a curve, or I can get my shit together and study the stuff I know is going to be on the lab exam. And keep up on the notes for the next one.
Exam next Tuesday, on Cardiology. Heger writes it. Too bad we have no fucking clue what he's going to pimp us on, since he's not the one lecturing. And then a lab exam the Monday after that.
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