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Victims are tied into you and stretched inch by agonizing inch, until they are either rent limb from limb or they confess. Or hey, maybe both. Not as bad as some people, someone tells you what you want to hear you'll feel better.

What torture would you be?

Stretched inch by agonising inch. I like it.

There are three boys in the computer room right now - my husband, his best friend, and my stepbrother. MattMattDavid, which always sounds like I'm stuttering. They're taking advantage of the last few days of the Warcraft III Beta test. So for the last few hours, all I've heard is explosions and screams. Rawr.

So I'm attempting to amuse myself with things like online RP. Which isn't working, because there are very few people around to roleplay with - excepting the loser assholes that I always seem to see hanging about, looking for roleplay so they can

Okay. Anyway. That's enough of that.

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