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Quotes, 24 January

  • GM: I should give you a bonus to AC for the rivets on your nipples.
    Bri: Don't piss me off, I'll run at you full-speed.

  • Bri: He's going to be a bard.
    Angel: We have a nance!

  • Dash: Because you have a thing for drow boys. Completely platonically, of course.

  • GM: Don't cast Ray of Frost on elves. Those nipples are deadly.

  • Me: I'm outfitting the boy. Properly.
    Angel: If you start picking up levels of cleric, I'm going to be worried.

  • Angel: Yes. I'm making confession. Of a drow priestess in training.
    Dash: Forgive me, Father, for I have fucked every man in existence.
    GM: When you're done, he goes to have a cigarette, then comes back...

  • GM (to Bri): Hey, glittertits!
    Bri: I'm going to have to go look that up in the Tolkien dictionary online.
    Dash: I seriously doubt 'tit' has been translated into Elvish.

  • Jeff: Hi! What are you doing on the surface?
    Me: Buying clothes.

  • Me: Would it make you feel better if I were trying to kill you?

  • Angel: Frank's Emporium of Expensive Crap.
    GM: Wow. It's Pier One.

  • Dash: Well, if you're going to call her 'Glittertits', I think she can call your NPC's 'Atrocious'.

  • Me, gesturing: She's 'Glittertits', you're 'Notits'.

  • Bri: I've been wounded by an asterisk!

  • Dash: I ask the two rangers - You are both elves, are you not?
    GM: No, actually, he's a human.
    Dash: Oh, well, forget him.

  • James: Would any of my L--
    GM: No.

  • Me: What are these? Coked-up gas station attendants?
    GM: Funny you should mention gas...they're actually ghasts. It's a ghast station...get it?

  • Insert far too many "ghast" puns for me to be willing to replicate.

  • Bri: I'm going to kill someone, and it's not going to be who I'm aiming for.

  • GM: Do more than four points of damage.
    Dash (rolling dice): Nope, two.
    GM: Awww....
    Dash: Look, I hit something. Work with me.

  • James: Every now and then I fly off.
    Bri: I'll be nice and not reach for my bow.
    Dash: Pull!

  • GM: You hear rustling in the trees.
    James: I look up. What does it look like?
    Me: Leafy.

  • GM: It's a plus-one, flaming rapier.
    Angel: Yeth.
    GM: Why was I expecting that?

  • James: I yell 'Hi'.
    Bri: You're such a cheerful little daemon.

  • GM: You can, you're a second level bard.
    Dash: No, I'm a first-level bard.
    GM: You're second-level now.
    Dash: Oh. I wish someone would've told me.
    Bri: Guess what?
    GM: You feel spiffier. And nancier.

  • Bri: I finger my short sword.
    Dash: I know you might be out in the woods all alone, but using the short sword might be a bit extreme.

  • Me: Seventeen on the move silently.
    GM: You're a breeze.
    James: I'm only hitting thirteen.
    GM: You're a clunky breeze.

  • Me: I listen for mimes.
    GM (rolling dice): You hear one.


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