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Those were the days, my friend...

Well, Radiology wasn't so bad today. He asked us how the last one had gone. We told him - pretty bluntly - that it had been two hours of not seeing anything he pointed at. He grins and says "This should be better."
And it was. He pulled the 8 or so of us who were there over to the light boxes and handed out films. "Go ahead, put them up. No , no, which way do you think is up?" And then had us try to read them, find the anatomy, look around.
I learned something today. I learned a lot of things, remembered where others were. Discovered that you really can see the kidneys on an X-ray, if it's done right. And kidney stones. And colon cancer. Today was a good day.

Preliminary (before the curve) scores on the Medicine composite exam:

Anaesthesia (2 points): 100% (big surprise there)
Allergy and Immunology (4 points): 83%
ENT (4 points): 82%
Pulmonology (22 points): 82%
We'll see how high it gets curved. Last year pulm. had a 7-point curve. In any case, I'm still high-passing.

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