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We had an allergist lecture today. So, out of curiosity, I asked him about my nose-itching. We think, Angel and I, that we have it narrowed down to wines with a high sulfite content and foods with MSG in them. And I explained the whole thing. And he gave me a quizzical look. "Just your nose?" He laughed a little, too. But he says it's entirely possible that I'm allergic or reactive to MSG and sulfites, and I just have a very strange reaction. Daddy's allergic to sulfites. Maybe I got it from him.
It's a great party trick. Feed me cheap wine and watch me spend hours batting at my nose, because it won't stop itching. Doesn't run much, once in a while my eyes will get into the act, but mostly it's just my nose.

He was an interesting lecturer, the allergist, especially with his story (true story, boys and girls. He saw it when he was in training) about the woman who was allergic to seminal fluid. Every time she and her husband had sex, she wound up in the ER in anaphylaxis. He had to wear a condom to keep her from reacting. Wouldn't that just kill a relationship, until you figured it out? "No, sorry, honey, not tonight. I want to breathe."

It's 3:45 PM. We're out a touch early, hallelu. That means I can go home and throw something in the fridge to marinate or something, and then maybe get some notes done before I die of longdayness. I hate medical school. Have I mentioned that recently?

Got out the third-year calendars this afternoon and went through them. I know when I want to do my FP-Peds-Elective months, so it's basically a choice between doing OB and surgery first or Neuro-Medicine-Psychiatry first. And frankly, I just want to get Neuro out of the bloody way. I know I'm never going into it, I'm not all that good at it, and if I do it right after Boards I'll have just reviewed recently - so I should know the stuff better, right? So I've got options picked out, going to go over them with Angel and look at everything. *fingercrosses*
And this is the point where God does God's magical God-thing, and all of my choices and options will fall apart and fall away until there's only one clear choice for what to do. That's how it always happens for me. I don't really have a choice in life; I'm doing what I'm needed to do, what I'm called to do, and I'm finding that every time I try to go another way, I'm stonewalled and left dragging my feet, exhausted and abused.
Funny how it works like that.

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