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Further proof that my car is gay..,.

Michel-Ange has been misbehaving lately. Ever since Angel took to driving him to work, as a matter of fact. He's sulking and pouting, refusing to start until I beg and plead and promise to be sweet to him. Fucking diva gay car. Everything's fine until a man touches him, and then it's "Fuck you, honey. I got needs."
Flooded the engine this morning, I think. But he's never done it before. He's been so tolerant and kind to me...and then Angel's driving him to work and we stop by the Ford dealership to drop off the Taurus (which, by the way, has been fixed now), and he just flat-out refuses to start until it's almost late enough to make me ate for school. But not quite that late. Like I said, he just wanted to make sure I was good and worried about the whole fucking thing.
My car is not only gay, he's a flaming diva.

In good news, the following:
From: Stewart, Carol S
To: Boersma, Nicole S
Sent: Monday, 13 January, 2003 13:04
Subject: RE: Family Practice and Peds third-year clerkships

Nicole, all you have to do is choose Ft Wayne as your Peds outpatient preference when you complete your preference forms. You have to do your inpatient Peds in Indianapolis. It is usually not a problem to schedule your Peds outpatient in Ft Wayne. (I can't speak for Family Practice, but it's not a problem for us.) It also doesn't hurt to send me an email reminder about 4-6 weeks before you would begin your Peds clerkship, just as an added assurance.
What that means, boys and girls, is that I get my Outpatient Peds right here in Fort Wayne, almost guaranteed. All but signed and sealed. One month of three down, two to go. I'm waiting to hear back from the Family Practise people, and Carolyn emailed me to tell me all I had to do was let her know what elective I wanted to do here. Emergency Medicine, I think, or maybe an extra month of FP...now that might be intriguing. I'll have to look at the options.
And now to bed.

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