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Small folded card in the mail. Addressed to: Nicole Boersma… - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Small folded card in the mail. Addressed to:
Nicole Boersma
Information Systems Manager
(My home address)
When did I become an Information Systems manager?

Bond Report:
Livejournal Post at 19:29. Movie at 19:40. Drive to theatre: 15 minutes. Time finding a parking space: 5 minutes. Time standing outside ticket booth realising that we didn't want to go in late to Bond, freezing our buns off and trying to find another movie with a showtime between 19:45 and 20:45: 10 minutes. We gave up, decided to go to Biaggi's. On the way over, we stopped at Michael's to get candle wicks for Strayling. Along the way, I found some spiffy giant margarita glasses. Mentioned that they looked like the giant margarita glasses at Red Lobster.
"Ooooh," Angel says. "Red Lobster." So that's where we went, and wound up bringing boxes with half our meals home. I adore salmon. And now we're going to cuddle up on the giant couch and watch ID4. Mmmm. Quality Time.

"Total Disability due to any of the following is not a Qualifying Event:
(a) Normal pregnancy or (b) any intentionally self-inflicted injury or sickness..."
Does that sound like pregnancy is a self-inflicted sickness to you? I laughed so hard.

now feeling:: full full

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feathered From: feathered Date: January 10th, 2003 08:44 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
I sent you a letter, but just to the address I had from a long time ago. Do you have a different one now that you've moved upstairs?
ayradyss From: ayradyss Date: January 10th, 2003 10:28 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
Nope. Same address. If I change addresses, I'll be sure to let you know.
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