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It's a beautiful morning - oh!

Picked up Angel's Taurus this morning. Taking it in to Dimension Ford on Monday, hoping they know what to do with the beast.
I toyed briefly with the idea of just skipping class today; it's only two classes, both of them in Medicine - which promises to be unbelievably tedious just like every other freakin' day. I don't understand it sometimes. Why do we have one incredibly fast-paced hard class, and then the professors for Medicine come in, say "I can't cover this topic in any detail in one day" and then proceed to make a go at it while making No Sense Whatsoever? Not that I'm in any hurry for it to get more detailed...I just wish that things would make more sense.
Yesterday, this charming little Hispanic pulmonary physician came in, and he said "You had a lecture on Pulmonary function testing, right?" And we all kind of nodded. And he was bright enough to ask "So you know what FEV-1 and all that means, right?" Which is when he discovered that we hadn't a clue, because the function testing lecturer had made no sense to any of us at all, not even when we asked questions. Most of it...we didn't even know where to start asking questions. "I'll go over it quickly for you." Learned more in five minutes than I had in an entire hour.

"Dr. Liz Isbister. I know. It's a horrible name, I married into it."
"Did you learn the brachial plexus?" General agreement. "Well, that's useless."
I love medical school.

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