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Should've brought the Pan-Optic

Physical Exam this afternoon was short. Hallelu. No lunch, as Rachel and I decided we'd rather get to Lutheran early and find our room than get there late and make a bad impression. We spent a little time talking to a couple of sweet old ladies with interesting heart rhythms, chatted, and that was it this afternoon.
In more good news, Dr. Smith talked so fast that I get tomorrow morning off in Pathology.

However, Angel's car is still in the shop...and they're punting to the Ford dealer, since they have no idea what's wrong with it. This is frustrating :( It started when the radio turned off every time you turned right. Now it turns off all the time. Randomly. Then the power steering started to come and go. Then the seatbelt light started flashing. Flakycar. Nick and Jarrod say it's epileptic.
I just want it fixed. I could've gotten all the shopping done this afternoon except I didn't have a car, and it's too cold to walk up to Kroger's. I'd do it if it were warmer. Bike or something. It's only a mile or so. But it's cold and icy and gets dark early and I'm not that confident.

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